Links to other artists

ARTISTS: As a part of our commitment to helping new and developing artists we are pleased to offer this page for links. In order to be linked here, contact us with your details. We will then review your site and your work and, if we are impressed by both, we will place a link to your site on this page. Please note, we also ask that you place a return link, to us, on your site. No link will be placed here until that has been done.

GALLERIES/COLLECTORS: If you are looking for a new artist to exhibit or collect, please take a look at the work and websites of the following artists.

Artists A to Z

Eli Acheson
Tatyana Denisova
Denise Frechet
Josef Greiner
Katherine Harriott
Bea Ihnatowicz
Alena Kennedy
Bee Leiba
Eva Moosbrugger
Placido Romero
Philippa Riddiford
Renee Samuels
Per Siwmark
Gary Stutler
Natalie Tozer
Bogdan Tzigan
Aaf Woldinga
Hans Zantman

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