Jenny Saville was born in Cambridge, England, 1970. By the early 1990's Saville was exhibiting at the Royal College of Art, the Cooling Gallery in London and, in 1994, at the Saatchi Gallery. The Saatchi show generated a great deal of publicity for her work and many people became familiar with her work. Saville's massive paintings, such as Plan, in which a naked woman is seen from below, fill the canvas through a combination of physical bulk and extreme foreshortening. Contour lines, as would demarcate the changes in altitude of land masses on a map, are drawn across the surface of skin. Saville's increasingly high profile enabled her to exhibit in several shows during the late 1990's, to great critical acclaim, and she continues to be a major artist to this day.

Above: Jenny Saville, Rubens Flap, 1999

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