HOWARD HODGKIN (1932 - 2017)


Howard Hodgkin was born in London in 1932. At a young age he studied art and then went on to teach art for a number of years. In 1984, at the age of 52, Hodgkin was chosen to represent Britain at the Venice Biennale and, in the following year, won the coveted Turner Prize. His work features dark and heavy brushstrokes overwhelming the bright colours beneath. He tries to describe feelings and it has been the subject of much debate as to how far he succeeds. But there is no dispute that Hodgkin has a reputation as one of the finest colourists in the contemporary art world - connections to and comparisons with Matisse are obvious. Hodgkin has now exhibited internationally for over four decades and his work is included in major public and private collections.

Above: Hodgkin, "Listening", 2005

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